Trailer Review: Maze Runner: Scorch Trials


Now I don’t know about you guys, but I was excited for Maze
even before Dylan O’ Brian was cast as Thomas. This dystopian universe
was just made a whole lot better when they added him to the mix. However, even
with his stellar performance in the first installment, the movie of course
received loads of mixed reviews as does almost every book to film adaptation.

Scenes were added, changed, removed, etc. and with the addition of the new
trailer for the second installment of the series, we can see that these things
will be done once again. Which should be expected since not everything can be
done word for word. That does not however take away from the fact that the The
Scorch Trials
looks like it will be a badass installment to the film versions
of James Dashner’s books. It seems the film will contain a lot more action than
what was included in the book.

One of the key scenes I’m excited for that was
featured in the trailer is when they are running for their lives in the lighting
storm. Another that I was excited to see but is not in the trailer is when they
escape the facility. I didn’t see any dark tunnels, did you? The new film will
stick as close as it can get to the novel and will follow Thomas and the rest
of the gladers as they make their way across the scorch, basically a huge
desert wasteland, after they discover they were never really rescued from the
maze. The movie will hit theaters September 18th, 2015 but if you can’t wait till
then here’s the newest trailer for viewing pleasure.

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