Scream Recap: Exposed


Hello Sydney! … Is unfortunately not a line we hear in the
most recent episode of Scream on MTV. Instead we have, “Hello Emma”,
as the killer taunts our protagonist, after leaking a video of her first time
having sex with boyfriend Will, asking “how does it feel to be the star of
the show?”. This proves to be a bit ironic seeing as how she was involved
with the video of Audrey.

Also, this brings us to Will and Jake, who are somehow involved
with the videos on Nina’s laptop. Seeing as how this video of Emma came from
her laptop, it isn’t a far fetched idea that the files on there could contain
other videos meant for the use of blackmailing. This is sort of backed up with
Jake telling Will, “we are on for tomorrow, time to get paid”. In the
last episode we saw the mayor get a text saying that it’s time to pay up again,
so we can assume these two things are linked together.

Later on at the vigil for Riley (who was our last murder
victim) Emma is approached by Detective Brock, who is investigating the murders
and asks to meet with her at the Sheriff’s office the next day. As she begins to speak of Riley during the vigil, she receives a video from the
killer of herself talking to the detective. This is followed by a text stating
that if she tells her about him, she’ll be receiving her mom’s heart in a box.

During her meeting with Detective Brock, Emma tries to say as
little as possible with the intention of keeping her mother safe. However, the
detective puts her on the spot by connecting the dots and placing her mother,
father, and herself as the connections to the murders all leading back to the
Brandon James killing spree.

Later on at the cafe we see a distraught Brooke in conversation
with Jake. She says that they need to tell Emma the truth about Will while Jake
tries to persuade her not to say anything. Meanwhile, Emma is right next to
them serving a customer when she hears Brooke say that she can no longer lie to
her, because I mean, come on, telling secrets about someone at their place of
employment is the best way to keep it a secret. Brooke reveals that back in
Freshman year, Nina made a bet with Will that he couldn’t sleep with her within
a month. Emma begins to agree with what the killer said about everyone she
knows lying.

Flash over to what seems to be an abandoned warehouse, we see
the mayor arriving while lying to his assistant saying he has a doctor
appointment and won’t make his meetings. When he enters he receives a text
ordering him to get inside an old broken down car. As he places an envelope in
the glove department a figure sits up in the back seat.

The mayor tells the mysterious person that he could only get $10,000
in one day. The figure grabs him from the back of the head and smashes his face
against the steering wheel breaking his nose. He proceeds to show the mayor a
video on his phone, and the mayor replies that he won’t give him $100,000
without a guarantee that the video would disappear. Saying that he’ll need two
days the mayor is let go. As he leaves a second person joins the first at the
entrance of the warehouse who of course turn out to be Will and Jake. Will is
seen to be against the idea of anyone getting hurt while Jake is indifferent.
In the end Will decides to no longer be a part of this plan and walks away.

Over at the Mayor’s house Brooke confronts him about her mother
and her whereabouts. Having called the hotel she was supposed to have checked
into she finds out that her mother never did. As it turns out her father
reveals that he checked her into rehab. Furious that he didn’t tell her Brooke
walks away.

Tensions reach a boiling point the next day when Will confronts
Brooke about having told Emma about the bet. Jake steps in to try and diffuse
the situation, but his usual douchey ways fail and he ends up getting sucker
punched. Jake yells that he is done trying to help him and the boys get into a
small tussle broken up by Professor Branson.

Probably one of my favorite scenes in the episode, the show
goes into a self defense class that is being held at the school. In this scene, Audrey and Will is selected to demonstrate a scenario where the victim is
smaller than the attacker. Before the instructor tells them what to do, Audrey
takes action and proceeds to take down Will. While she has him pinned down, she
whispers, “how’s it feel to take it in front of everyone?”,
completely humiliating him. As they exit the class, Kieran approaches Emma, who
then kisses him in front of Will.

Earlier in the episode computer nerd Noah discovered malware in
the online language arts homework. It turns out the malware was used to hack
into students’ laptops which leads them to believe that Nina and Professor Branson
were somehow working together. After the self defense class they enter his
classroom while he is out and go through his computer. They find the malware
but also see that three other people had access to it: Nina, Tyler, and Riley
all who are now dead. This leads them to believe that he is probably the killer
just as he is about to walk in; hearing him, they get off the computer and come
up with an excuse to explain their presence which he seems to believe.

Back at Brookes house we see her with Jake, who
“randomly” showed up with pizza. While they eat, he tries to spin a
story about Will blackmailing her father and how he tried to talk him out of
it. He uses the fact of Will not receiving a scholarship to Duke as an incentive
for the blackmailing. Meanwhile, the mayor is listening and watching this take
place through a security camera. At the Sheriff’s office, the detective manages to log into
Nina’s laptop and sees something which we believe to be all the video files she
had. The detective then goes on to say, “Damn, now wonder this girl is
dead”, proving that whatever Nina had is very important.

Going back to Brookes house, Jake takes it one step further by
showing her the video being used to blackmail her father. Suspicious as to how
he has it, Jake plays it off by saying he stole a copy from Will’s phone. We
finally see the video as it shows her father going through her house looking to
see if she was home. He themselves returns to the garage and proceeds to take
something out of his trunk. The object appears to be a body wrapped up in
plastic, shocked, Brooke notices the time stamp on the video as the same time
her mother, “left”, claiming she hasn’t talked to her since.

The show ends with Kieran showing Emma how to shoot a gun out
in the woods somewhere. And of course, being teenagers this somehow leads to
sex. Seeing as how three of her friends have been murdered, her boyfriend had
been lying to her, and she’s being harassed by an unknown killer yeah this
seems like the perfect time for that.

Well, until next week we won’t know who the next victim is so
stay tuned. Make sure to like, subscribe, and share all That Geek Show social
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