Comic Book Update: Armor Wars

Technopolis, the domain in Doom’s Battleworld where everyone is in a Stark Iron Man suit so a reason that has yet to be determined. In this story though, Tony Stark has a brother, Arnold Stark to which he continually quarrels with for control of what their father had left for both of them. Somewhere in Technopolis there lies a secret to why everyone must wear these suits to stay alive. What else do good journalists do but dig up the truth and get hunted down for that truth.

Following the murder of journalist Peter Urich, who in this domain is the vigilante Spyder-Man, Thor Corp officer James Rhodes tracks down any clues there may be to solve who Spyder-Man’s murderer is. All clues thus far lead him to Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk, Marvel’s beloved mob boss that seems to have his finger in just about everything. We catch up with Officer Rhodes as he takes the fight to Kingpin and is met with heavy resistance and just so happens to bring a legion of War Machines to back him up. Upon Kingpin’s defeat James Robinson offers a twist in the story, portraying Fisk as perplexed when asked about Spyder-Man’s death. If Fisk didn’t kill Spyder-Man, Who did?

Thor Corp officer Rhodes returns to the Hall of Justice to compare notes and receive information Amadeus recovered from Urich’s tattered suit. The two are then met by an unlikely visitor that throws the whole story for a loop. I choose not to spoil who this mystery person is, but throughout the exchange between Rhodes and this mystery guest, Rhodes had been broadcasting to an outside source, his niece Kiki.

In my opinion James Robinson does a great job writing this novel because for a majority of story you believe two characters are working towards the same end goal and I think the twist the Robinson writes in plays out very well. I have to give a shout out to the artist Marcio Takara, through his use of up close panel drawings. Paired with Robinson’s writing it really gives the sense of bewilderment, confusion and cockiness that the characters hold on almost every page.

Let me know what you think in our comments section below. Did you like Robinson’s twist? Did you call it in the earlier issues? Let me know.

And if you have any recommendations on what I should read don’t hesitate to write that down there too.

by Conor Watkins @gntlmnbowtie

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