WWE Summerslam Preview: There Will Be Blood in Brooklyn


On Sunday night the WWE brings the biggest party of the summer, as Summerslam invades Brooklyn, NY. It caps off a dope wrestling weekend, with NXT Takeover happening the night before at the new Barclay Center. The inaugural 28th show will not disappoint either, with a 10 match action-packed card that three hours will not contain.

This event is speculated to be bigger than Wrestlemania, with four hours of hard-hitting, nose-breaking (no pun intended John Cena) action! Here’s an in depth preview of all 10 matches, all getting you all prepared for the 4 hour spectacular–oh yeah and you can watch Summerslam on the award-winning WWE Network for only… 9.99!!


Dolph vs Rusev

At Summerslam Dolph Ziggler returns to the ring against the Bulgarian Brute Rusev. This personal rivalry comes to a head after weeks of animosity between the two after Ziggler not only humiliated an injured Rusev but took his woman Lana away from him. The rivalry took a turn when Rusev came back with a new girl Summer Rae and beat down Ziggler with a crutch. Will the show-off get his revenge against the Bulgarian monster or will he get crushed we will find out on Sunday.


Randy Orton vs Sheamus

Longtime rivals and bitter adversaries Randy Orton and Sheamus clash in a titanic match. This intense showdown reached the brink when Sheamus interfered in Ortons WWE World Heavyweight Title match on Raw a couple weeks ago to try and cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase, but that plan was thwarted by the viper as he gave Sheamus an RKO “out of nowhere”. Now at Summerslam these former world champions look to clash one more time to determine who will reign victorious.


Intercontinental Championship:
Ryback© vs The Miz vs The Big Show

After diagnosis of a staph infection in his knee last month Ryback was forced to sit out of his title defense at WWE Battleground now he’s back and stronger than ever but it will be no easy task against the giant Big Show and the crafty yet opportunistic “A-Lister” The Miz. How will the big guy fare against two worthy and dangerous challengers for the WWE’s prestigious Intercontinental Championship.


Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper vs Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

Best friends will unite to face the twisted Wyatt Family at Summerslam. After costing Roman Reigns a shot at the Money In The Bank, Bray Wyatt made it his mission to bring down the big dog from his rise to the top. Whether it was getting under Reigns skin with pictures of his daughter or using the phrase “anyone but you” Wyatt tried anything and everything to take out his adversary. At WWE Battleground, the two faced off in a match where we saw the return of former Wyatt family member Luke Harper coming to the aid of Bray to give him the win. From that point on it looked like it was 2 on 1 until Dean Ambrose came into the picture. And now at the biggest party of the summer the lunatic fringe and the big dog team up one more time to take on the sick and twisted Wyatt Family.


WWE Tag Team Championship:
Primetime players© vs Lucha Dragons vs Los Matadores vs The New Day

The tag team division is hot right now and it all comes down to this fatal 4 way match at Summerslam as champions the Prime Time Players defend against The Lucha Dragons, Los Matatdores and former champions The New Day. Each team has notched a win over the other in the past couple of weeks which makes this match even more unpredictable it can go either way. Keep your seatbelt buckled for this fast paced high flying tag team ride between four high quality teams at Summerslam.


Stephen Amell & Neville vs Stardust & King Barrett

Universes collide at Summerslam when no good evildoers “the prince of dark matter” Stardust teams up with the evil bare-knuckle brawler King Barrett to take on “The Man Gravity Forgot” Neville and DC Comics Green Arrow star Stephen Amell. After months of Twitter beef between Stardust and The superhero superstar, it came to a head when the long time wrestling fan attended a Raw in Long Island in May… that’s when stardust started to taunt Amell.

After Stardust called out Amell for actually being the green arrow he would take out his frustrations on Neville. And after a match with King Barrett Stardust would come out to antagonize Amell and Neville leading to a Green Arrow retaliation. And now at Summerslam the two comic book heroes go toe to toe with their enemies. However, it’s kind of weird because Neville moves like the flash but his finishing move is the Red Arrow? Ehh think about it when you watch these two teams clash at Summerslam.

Editors note: Stephen Amell is confirmed to debut the new “Green Arrow” suit during this match, which he will don in the upcoming season of “Arrow”. Also, comic book geeks the world over might be ordering this PPV just to see this happen… I know I am. – EDL


Kevin Owens vs Cesaro

After months of back and forth words between the two, the Swiss Superman will finally go one on one with former NXT Champion Kevin Owens. Two fighters with their momentum at an all time high with the lights on bright and with the rivalry reaching full intensity will we see Owens overcome Cesaro or will “Lose Owens Lose” be the new phrase. However, don’t count Owens out in his few months in the WWE he has made great accomplishments so far in his career and this brawl could be a definite match of the year candidate.


Team Bella vs Team B.A.D vs PCB

The Divas Revolution continues when Team Bella, Team B.A.D, and PCB go at it in a three team elimination match. The game changed when Stephanie McMahon announced the debut of Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks on Raw back in July, and from that point on the divas division was put on notice that these girls meant business. Coming to the aid of their friend Paige, Becky and Charlotte joined forces to take on Team Bella and then came Team B.A.D with Naomi, Tamina, and Sasha Banks. At Summerslam, these divas look to establish who’s the most dominant faction of divas in the game today and we find out when they collide at the biggest party of the summer.


United States & WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Winner take all:
Seth Rollins vs John Cena

The stakes are at an all time high for the first time ever one man will walk out with both the WWE Championship and the United States Championship. After severely breaking his nose in July against Seth Rollins, the champ demanded praise for his accomplishment even going far enough to challenge Cena to a match assuming he wouldn’t show up. Nevertheless, the Cenation leader showing how tough he is, accepted the challenge of the young and hungry WWE Champion. Cena is chasing his historic 16th world title reign, which would tie him with hall of famer Ric Flair for most title reigns, while Rollins is looking to dethrone the 5 month reign of the Stars and Stripes champion. Cena is no stranger to big match situations, but Seth Rollins is no stranger to making history in big events after being the first man to cash in the Money In The Bank at WrestleMania. Watch these two big time players clash at Summerslam.


Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker

One year after the most shocking moment in WrestleMania history when Brock Lesnar ended the streak of The Undertaker, the deadman seeks revenge. In a match that’s dubbed “The Rematch Too Big For WrestleMania” the two foes will do battle one more time in Brooklyn. After the advocate to the beast Paul Heyman bragged for over a year about his client ending the streak, the undertaker had heard enough. Last month at WWE Battleground during his WWE Championship match with Seth Rollins, the phenom made his dramatic return and made a statement to Brock Lesnar that he’s coming for his neck.

What will happen when the beast and the phenom meet in the middle of the ring one more time? Will The Undertaker avenge the streak by beating Brock Lesnar, or will the beast take the deadman on a nice little trip to Suplex City? Find out Sunday, August 23rd live on the WWE Network at 7pm ET/4pm PT, and be sure to comment below with your picks for who will be victorious at Summerslam!

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