WWE Night of Champions Preview and Predictions

Tonight WWE hosts their annual Night of Champions pay per view. It’s a night where every championship is defended and some personal rivalries are settled. This preview is going to be a little different from the summer slam one this time. I will give my predictions on each match. Disclaimer: The IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) might appreciate these predictions but to all the marks out there, I apologize in advance.

Kickoff match:
Neville & The Lucha Dragons vs The Cosmic Wasteland

After his loss at Summerslam, Stardust still had his sights set on destroying his counterpart Neville. This was apparent the night after Summerslam when stardust would attack his former partner Bad News Barrett and assemble his new muscle in the vicious Konnor and Viktor The Ascension. This caused Neville to look for some help and he found longtime foes of The Ascension from NXT, the Lucha Dragons. Tune in this Sunday to see who comes out on top in this six man tag team battle.

Prediction: Neville & The Lucha Dragons

United States Championship: Seth Rollins vs. John Cena

Sunday, the WWE World Heavyweight champion and United States Champion Seth Rollins, will pull double duty defending both titles in two matches. Match number one against the former 2 time US Champion and 15 WWE champion John Cena. After their main event caliber match at Summerslam where Seth Rollins came out on top with help from Jon Stewart, whaaaat. Anyway the bad blood between Cena and Rollins continues at Night of Champions after John Cena invoked his rematch clause and on Sunday, we will find out if Seth Rollins is the best wrestler in the world or if the winning mentality of John Cena will shine through.

Prediction: Seth Rollins.

If WWE really wants to market this guy as the true cornerstone of this company, he needs to not only beat their top dog cleanly but beat him again don’t get it twisted im not picking him to beat Sting but  I’ll  explain that later. This win is just as important because it keeps your top guy over, and  if you keep Seth at the top spot and bring even more value to the US belt.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Ryback vs. Kevin Owens

In this battle for the prestigious Iintercontinental Title sets two larger than life athletes against each other. “The Big Guy” Ryback defends his title against the up and coming “prizefighter” Kevin Owens. This match will be a slugfest pitting two of the most physical guys on the roster together with one trying to prove his worth as a champion and another just fighting his way to the top. After weeks of torment from Kevin Owens, The Big Guy vows to shut the prizefighter up and come out on top. Will the Big Guy feed on the prizefighter or will Kevin Owens stake his claim and win his first WWE championship?

Prediction: Kevin Owens 

To be honest, I don’t really expect much from this match but I can see Owens going over in this match and taking the IC belt in a different direction.

WWE Tag Team Championships: The New Day vs. The Dudley Boys

Tag Team Champions The New Day are riding a huge wave of momentum after beating three other teams at Summerslam to regain their belts. It was a celebration of positivity for the masses, but the buck stopped at a screeching halt when the shocking return of the greatest tag team in wrestling history came knocking at the championship door and brought them a welcome back gift table. The Dudley Boys are back and have two goals in mind: win the tag team titles and put some bodies through tables. But will they be able to stop the surging team of The New Day?

Prediction: The New Day 

Okay I’m being a complete New Day mark but I have three words for ya: DEAL WITH IT! I will forever love the Dudley Boys. I want them to be ten time champs but not yet. I think we should let the New Day keep the belts because let’s face it… NEW DAY ROCKS! NEW DAY ROCKS! NEW DAY ROCKS!

Divas Championship: Nikki Bella vs. Charlotte

The divas revolution continues as the longest reigning Divas Champion in history, Nikki Bella, defends against team PCB member, Charlotte. When Charlotte defeated her teammates, Becky Lynch and Paige, in a Beat the Clock challenge she earned a no. 1 contenders spot against Nikki Bella at Night of Champions, but Charlotte had other plans. She wanted to end the reign of Nikki Bella before their bout at NOC and she got that opportunity last Monday on Raw. Due to the beauty of twin magic, it caused Charlotte to win by DQ but Nikki Bella still walked out as champion. Charlotte has another opportunity Sunday at Night of Champions but can she make the most of it?

Prediction: Nikki Bella

At first when she won the belt, I didn’t think it would last long but with the recent departure of AJ Lee and her affiliation with CM Punk, I think this longest reigning champ storyline was just a petty attempt to make us forget AJ Lee existed. I predict Nikki will keep the belt until survivor series, which would make her champ for a year. Why not? We’re in too deep already.

Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler

It seems like this rivalry has taken more of a personal turn. After their no contest finish at Summerslam, the Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev saga continues at Night of Champions. After Rusev’s girlfriend, Summer Rae, revealed that her and Ziggler have had an on again off again relationship in the past year, it infuriated Rusev. It also made Lana question Ziggler. Afterwards, Lana suffered a broken wrist and essentially left Dolph by himself. It leads us to this war between the show off and the Bulgarian Brute. Will Ziggler get crushed or will the show-off show Rusev how it’s done?

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

I have no idea where Dolph or Rusev will go after this rivalry is over but I think whoever wins this match will get another decent singles title push in the future.

The Wyatt Family vs. Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and ?

To quote Tony Schiavone in 1996, “Who’s the third man?” Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are a great lunatic powerhouse duo but they will need all of the help they can against the evil Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt family. The strength of Roman Reigns might be too much to handle for the muscle of “Sister Abigail’s black sheep” Braun Strowman. The night after Summerslam, Strowman made his presence felt when he laid waste to Reigns and Ambrose by choking them out. In recent weeks, the maniacal Bray Wyatt preached the message that essentially the world will finally be rid of Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Their third man does not want to get himself into the vicious lions den with the deadly Wyatt family but this turf war won’t end without a fight. Reigns and Ambrose love a good fight. Who will come out on top this Sunday?

Prediction: The Wyatt Family

Now that the Wyatt Family are fully assembled and dominant, I think it would be absolutely senseless to have them lose at Night of Champions. With that being said, you could still find a way to protect Roman Reigns in this manner if you do it right. Savio Vega will be the third man for Reigns and Ambrose, you can believe that.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins vs. Sting

As a kid, when Vince McMahon bought WCW, I thought, “Finally, Sting will become WWE Champion.” fourteen years later, the match is finally happening. Seth Rollins endures test number two of the night when he defends his WWE World Heavyweight Championship title against the legendary Sting. Over his near thirty year career, Sting has won many titles except the WWE Championship. When he ruined the revealing of the statue of Seth Rollins on Raw, Triple H gave Rollins the opportunity to finally get rid of Sting when they go one on one for the world championship. When the hunt for his statue ended in sorrow while watching The Icon throw it in a trash compactor and destroy it, the champ was set over the edge. This Sunday, the champion Seth Rollins, who faces doubt from not only his peers but also the authority, will face his greatest challenge in his career: Sting.

Prediction: Sting

Even though having Rollins keep both belts would elevate him to the pinnacles of the elite in wrestling history, it would ultimately kill Seth Rollins in the long run. It would give Seth so much room to fail especially if he dropped the belt to like Cena at the next pay per view or something. This way, it protects Seth and Sting could potentially end his career somewhat on top.

This is where my prediction takes a turn for an uproar in the world of the Internet Wrestling Community. Sting could win the belt and go away for awhile (shut up, you still loved Brock Lesnar when he did it.) When he comes back around Royal Rumble time, he could have his match with the Undertaker for the world title which will lead to a rubber match nobody wants to see at WrestleMania. Yes I’m talking about Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker where Lesnar wins the belt back (remember this prediction and when WrestleMania ends pat me on the back and call me a genius.)

Where does this leave Sting? Maybe they will make up for him getting buried this year at WrestleMania and then he will get put over at WrestleMania 32 against, I don’t know, maybe Triple H stone cold flair Hogan. I have no idea just put Sting over and put him in the hall of fame, he deserves it.

by Jamal Bostick @jamalcincouno 

All images courtesy World Wrestling Entertainment via wwe.com

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