How to Get Away with Murder Recap: It’s Called The Octopus

As we start off with every episode we get a little further into the night that Annalise is shot in the Hapstall mansion. Last week we were left in awe as we were shown that although Annalise is dying; someone is already dead. The body of Emily Sinclair is at the bottom of the front steps covered in blood; her cause of death is still unknown. With this episode we still don’t get any answers to her death, but we do get Annalise struggling to reach her phone after the Keating Four have left. (Just a side note, I say four because Asher hasn’t been seen here yet) Annalise is not trying to reach her phone to make a call though, she is receiving a call who might you ask is calling her? Well it’s none other than our favorite police officer Nate Lahey. After the way things ended in the last episode it did not seem as if they were on good terms, but apparently things are worked out.

Death by Sex:

I’m not sure if it’s common knowledge or if maybe I’ve just been in the dark all these years, but did you know you could be charged with murder for having sex? Well, not just by having sex, but if your partner dies from a heart attack during the act. In the minor case Annalise has taken on in this week’s episode a man has died from a heart attack while attending a sex party held by Annalise’s client, Tanya, who is now being charged for his death. After a witness claims that Tanya is overly aggressive in the pursuit of her own pleasure; Annalise has the group track down members of the club to try and persuade them to testify for her and make it known that what the witness is describing is their routine. However, they refuse saying that they are not willing to lose their anonymity for her. Hoping to sway one of the members, Connor convinces Michaela to join him at one of the parties to make sure he behaves and stays on task.

While at the party, they manage to find out that Tanya had deliberately switched cards with another member to be matched up with deceased. Making her seem even more guilty Annalise questions Tanya to get the truth out of her. It turns out that she indeed switched cards to be paired up with him because she loved him; her only obstacle was his wife. She tried to expose his actions to her in an attempt to split them up, but during their intercourse she gave him nitroglycerin which caused the heart attack since he had also taken Viagra.

Using this knowledge Annalise comes up with a defense that will find Tanya walking away a free woman. She goes on to use the jilted wife angle and attempt to pin his death on his now widowed wife. Using a toxicology report she manages to get the wife to admit that she knew he was using Viagra. By admitting this she incriminates herself when Annalise goes on to say that she slipped him the nitroglycerin after discovering what it was that he was doing. By making it seem as if she possibly killed him out of revenge for betraying her; the jury finds Tanya not guilty, although Tanya doesn’t agree with the way Annalise won.

The Hapstalls:

The episode actually starts off with Annalise speaking into a recorder as she tries to make her defense for the siblings. She begins to list off what would most likely be used against her to make them seem guilty. As she goes through multiple scenarios we also see that she drinking most of the time. As she makes her way upstairs it is evident that the liquor is taking its toll on her as she struggles a bit. Once in bed however, she is startled by a sound downstairs. She calls out to warn whoever it is that she has called the police and has a gun, but is only armed with a glass bottle. She makes her way down to the basement where we get a shot of her as something she sees scares her. We then flash-forward as she lets Wes into the house, it turns out that it was only a mouse caught in a trap and he helps her dispose of it. While working on Tanya’s case Bonnie brings bad news to her attention about the siblings. We go forward to a scene of her along with the others as they barge into the Hapstall Mansion. It turns out that a photo was released showing the two very close and intimate.

She informs them that this will only incriminate them further by making it seem as if they murdered their adoptive parents after learning about their secret and cutting them out of the will. Caleb reassures her however, that the moment in the photo was the morning they found out about the murder and he was only comforting her. Annalise doesn’t believe him and tells him to stop lying to her, but he retorts by saying that she was the one who begged them to hire her and that she either trust them when they say they’re telling the truth or they will hire a new lawyer.

Back at the house, Annalise asks Frank for the update on Frank she mentioned on the recorder, but Frank is confused as there was no recorder on her desk. She begins to look around her office, but doesn’t seem to find it. We later learn that Emily Sinclair has it, because Asher broke into the house for her to retrieve it. Why would he betray Annalise though? Sinclair mentions Trotter Lake to Asher who then yells at her that if she is going to make a threat real then she should go for it, but that he is done being her mole for the Hapstall case. He then receives a photo of a blonde woman named Tiffany that prompts him to seek help from his father.

The Mystery of Levi:

Last week we had one hell of a revelation as we discovered that this new stud of a man named Levi could possibly be Eggs. In this episode we pick up with his interest in Michaela as they are making out on her bed. She however, stops it from going any further saying she isn’t the type of girl who sleeps with a guy after the third date.

Later on in the episode we join the Keating Five at the house as Connor mentions Levi to the rest of the group for the first time. Looking at his photo Wes realizes that it’s the same guy from the photo he found in the other episode. With this new discovery you would think he would mention this to the group, however he remains silent. Michaela then leaves saying she is going to be late after having invited Levi over to her place again. We flash-forward and see Levi as he is making his way over to her building, but he is intercepted by Wes who pins him against the wall claiming he knows he is Eggs. However, he tells Wes that no, he is not eggs; Rebecca is Eggs and he is her foster brother who is here trying to find her.

He tells Wes, that Rebecca is most likely dead and that it’s probably Annalise, Wes warns him to stay away from Michaela and that he won’t reveal to the group who he really is. Levi agrees to this, but later returns to meet up with Michaela who has given in to the temptation and decides to sleep with him.

And now for the ultimate cliffhanger of the week, as the episode comes to an end we are whisked away back to the Hapstall mansion. We join the four as they are running away from this mysterious crime scene and end up on the road. Just as they are gathering their thoughts a car appears in front of them forcing them to hide on the side of the road. The car stops however, and turns out to be a police vehicle, it seems as if they have just been caught but, the officer that climbs out is Nate Lahey who then ushers them to get in the car. Earlier in the episode as it closed in on the ending, Annalise had gone to his apartment to try and make amends. After she left we saw that Wes was inside the whole time, this is after his encounter with Levi, Nate looks over to him and says, “I’m in”, could this be why he’s helping them over at the mansion?

Who shot Annalise? What is Wes planning? And why is Nate helping them? Make sure to like, subscribe, and share That Geek Show on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And stay tuned for more How to Get Away with Murder recaps. Follow me, producer Jeff @jpez_e until next week stay geeky everyone!

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