All New All Different Avengers #1


imageWhat does it look like when heroes step into the public eye in place of heroes that people have known? What happens when a hero is knocked down a few pegs but still carries that burden of his name? These are a few things that got me thinking when I was reading the All-New All-Different Avengers by Mark Waid and Adam Kubert. They don’t waste any time jumping straight into the everyday problems in the first two pages. It’s another day in the life of Sam Wilson: Captain America with expectations and choices every which way you turn, only to come across a familiar face, Tony Stark.image

What happened to Tony Stark after Battleworld? We still don’t know the full details except that in the new Marvel Universe, Tony Stark had to sell the Avenger’s Tower and probably a few other things to pay for rebuilding something. Who he sold it to and what he’s rebuilding is yet to be clear. He even makes a quip about work for Parker Industries (you can read about that in the new Amazing Spider Man) goes to show how mixed this new universe is turning out to be. Speaking of Spider Man, Miles Morales a survivor from the Ultimate Universe felt the need to do some recon when an electrical flare had gone off in the old Avengers Tower. He ends up ease dropping on a conversation between a Chitauri and a man in business casual black and green. Who is this guy and how can he understand Chitauri? And how did the Chitauri make his way into the tower in the first place?image

The second half of this comic focuses more on two characters that have made their claim to fame as known superheroes in the last year or so. If can’t guess it already it’s Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel and Sam Alexander, Nova. Panel by panel I feel the awkward lover’s quarrel gambit going on, which I am curious to see develop.image

For a new first issue introducing the new Avenger’s team they’ll be running with, it was alright. I hope they only used the split story mode to introduce Sam and Kamala and their tense the love interest and the writers and artists. don’t have separate storylines for the entire run. I thought the artwork for the first half with Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America was drawn very well. I think the storyline was built to show expansion and I’m curious to see that and how it will include Jane Foster as Thor and the Vision.image

What did you think of the first issue of the All New All Different Avengers?
Did you have someone else in mind to be a part of the team?
Who do YOU think the man in business casual is?
Will Nova and Ms. Marvel develop into more than awkward teenage lovers?

Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me @gntlmnbowtie

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