The Infinity Gauntlet #5

imageAfter trapping Anwen’s mom, a long lost nova, in the soul gem and claiming five of the six infinity gems, Thanos is now a force to be reckoned with. Anwen’s, Fayne, their father, their dog ZigZag, “StarLord” Peter Quill, Gamora and Groot rally to defeat Thanos and the giant laser blasting worm that is tearing apart the once peaceful sanctuary. Thanos is temporarily held up by an unexpected visitor from future giving Anwen and her family enough time to search for the last remaining infinity gem, the reality stone. In the final battle between Thanos and the newly formed Nova family, the strength and ideas of both Anwen and her family are the catalysts that separate them from the Mad Titan Thanos.image

Throughout this miniseries I have been blown away by the written material of Dustin Weaver and the art of Gerry Duggan. I felt like they captured their overall theme of family is power. With each issue they readers encountered other known heroes that became involved in their quest for survival.

Something I found interesting was the dynamic of the protagonist family. The grandpa was the catalyst that encouraged the main protagonist’s talents. The father was the rock that acted as the forward thinker. The mother was the returning love and conquering hero idol of Anwen. Fayne, Anwen’s sister played the ever faithful part of the “support optimistic character that gets caught and does nothing” role. Even their dog ZigZag plays a key role as tracker in the final issue and protector of the optimist throughout the series.image

At the end of the first issue we see a future battle between Thanos and a Nova in full battle armament, each with their own infinity gems. With that in the minds of readers, there was an unspoken expectation that that scene was going to be revisited in the final issue. However that was not the case in this final issue. I loved how Weaver tapped into the talent and the potential of our young protagonist Anwen. The concept of fully utilizing her creative mind to defeat Thanos in such a unique way was very well done in my opinion.

Here are some of my personal favorite pages from the Infinity Gauntlet mini-series by Dustin Weaver and Gerry Duggan.image image image image

In this issue, Peter Quill, Gamora and Groot dawned the Nova colors to become a part of the intergalactic peacekeeping force throughout the galaxy. In Marvel universe, Novas resemble many of our men and women in service today, who give their lives for the greater good and what they believed was right. For all those Novas serving our country day after day. Thank you.

Happy Veterans Day




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