Thors #4

imageIn most crime scene shows there always seem to be that one bad cop that has to cover his tracks. That’s where we pick up on in the last issue of Thors, the crime scene investigation of Marvel’s Battleworld. Ultimate Thor, the one with the killer half hammer half ax comes to the realization that Rune Thor and his partner Destroyer Thor were the ones that murdered his partner Beta Ray Thor in the first issue. With the help of Thor the Unworthy, the one with one metal arm, an old runic ax and a flying ram, the two make their way to Doomgard to face the murderers and bring them to justice. Of course that isn’t going to be the easiest thing in the world when it comes to one of the strongest Thor duo known to the Thor Corp. Fight continues until it is brought to the great hall where all the Thors have gathered. One in particular, the Female Thor from the previous marvel universe, who is revealing the truth of God Doom’s world and is continued in issue 7 of the Secret Wars main storyline.image

As I wrote in one of my past reviews, this storyline resembles that of a crime scene investigation, Marvel Edition. It all makes sense too. Thors, the keepers of Peace in Doom’s “perfect world,” are the police force. I think Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse did a pretty good job of capturing that dark gritty side that TV shows like C.S.I. portray. The entire time they were looking for a murderer and it just so happened that the murderer was a part of their peace keeping force with the idea that it was all done to keep the piece. It presents itself as a very well written two sides coin spectrum.image

Something I really enjoyed was the use of Thor the Unworthy. In one of the final issues of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers, the Thor we know, Thor the Unworthy, fought to the death with Hyperion, NightMask, Starbrand, Ex Nihilo and Abyss. I think the inclusion of him was very well welcomed in my opinion. I especially enjoyed one the final panels of him walking out the great hall in Doomgard carrying his metal arm over his shoulder and passing Rune Thor’s hammer. I felt that was a nice nod for to the Thor he was and what is to come in the Mighty Thor series that is picking up later in November.

And of course, that’s off for Groot Thor, who doesn’t love Groot?image



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