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S.W. coverMarvel’s Secret Wars event has finally been brought to a close, capping off their prolonged event that started back in July, 2015. This entire event was incredibly written and drawn to a perfect counterpart. The Jonathan Hickman and his entire team of artists and designers comprised this storS.W. 2by with a ton of respect the Marvel brand name and the nature of their characters.

I began to follow Hickman’s writing when I began to read his Avenger’s story line just a few years ago and with each issue I was anxious for the next week after week. Needless to say, the story line for entire story line of Marvel’s Secret Wars was nothing less than phenomenal. There was the initial build and setting development and background, the turn and then the all encompassing climax that couldn’t be told in the final two issues. They had to make a ninth. But we’ll get to that. Let’s talk about the story in a brief overview piece by piece.

If you were a first time comic book reader or wanted to read something new and the issue #1 cover art or the Marvel brand name caught your attention, this story made sense. Hickman and his team did a solid job beginning this story by concluding the events of that led to the beginning of this one. Issue #1 did just that as it introduced what the Illuminati of the Marvel-616 had been working on as a response to the end of their universe. The story JUST started and the universe is already gone, so how do they continue from there?

S.W. 1

The Loss

They begin issue #2 through the welcoming of a new Thor, which in Battleworld Thors are like the peace keeping task force for the world. It’s like Battleworld’s S.H.I.E.L.D. only less secretive (Or so we think. Read Secret Wars “Thors” story line). Everything of this new world is explained through the eyes of this new Thor until the end of issue #2 where we are introduced to our well known antagonists, The Cabal. With a newly created world by the hands of God Doom, and a life raft full of villains and Titans, where is it that things begin to turn for a Hero’s story?

S.W. 2a


Issue #3 answers that call by reintroducing the survivors of the second life raft, our beloved heroes and the protagonists to our story.

S.W. 3

The Return

With a brand new janked-up world, surviving antagonists and protagonists, this story is shaping up to be a classic Good hunts down Evil and adjusts to their new home. However Hickman and his team throw us another curve ball at the end of Issue #4. I am firm believer of No Spoilers, so whether you have read the entire event already or you are trying to catch up with all the new stories so you’re backtracking, I choose not to reveal that “blank” and “blank” were killed at the end of this issue.



Issues 4,5 and 6 are written in the manner of understanding what actually happened at the end of issue 4. Each page turn revealing that is more going on behind the scenes from when the survivors are scattered to the wind. Plans are set in motion, heroes and villains have teamed up and then some villains stuck to their villainous ways and wanted Power. *cough cough* Thanos *cough cough.*



An interesting change of pace in Issue #5 was the revelation of what was really occurring behind the scenes during the incursion events of Hickman’s “Avengers” as well as his “New Avengers” title. The revelation comes to light during a conversation between Victor Von God Doom and Owen Reece “Molecule Man.” That panel sequence really got me. I had to go back and read through “Avengers” and “New Avengers” to put some pieces together. Great tie back.

Forces to Fight

Forces to Fight

Issue 6 wraps things up by providing snippets of our characters in their respective regions and how they will be proceeding in the final three issues of this ground breaking event.







Our Heroes vs. Villains story has finally begun to bear fruit towards the final encounter. It began with the initial rebellion from a madman that deemed himself a prophet to fight an all-powerful being and slowly the plan came together for an all-out war. Betrayal, Surprise visits and last minute game changers. Issue #7 explodes out of the gate and straight into the action including tie-ins from other Battleworld story lines like Kieron Gillen’s “Siege” and Jason Aaron’s “Thors.”

S.W. 7

Let the Fight Begin




A battle between two raging powerhouse Titans, last minute arrivals and the rebirth of everyone’s favorite battling tree. The final three issues of this event has it all, as well as the much anticipated fight between Reed Richards from the 616 Marvel Universe and God Doom.

S.W. 7b





The final issue ends by giving the reader full understanding of how the All-New All-Different Marvel Universe came to existence.

World Change

World Change

SW 7 Cover

I would like to tip my hat and straighten my bow tie to the artist that drew our eyes to the covers constantly as we scanned for new issues. Alex Ross did a wonderful job of with the cover art, gripping readers with his colors and and use of distorted chaos, like controlled chaos. Here is my favorite cover out of the series. I am a huge fan of controlled and chaotic art. It isn’t just a bunch of random images with white spaces separating them or stacked on top of each other, it is one intertwined image that comes together coherently.


Let Groot Rise!!

Let GROOT Rise!!

Esad Ribic and Ive Svorcina make such a well rounded team. Even though one is labeled to color the others piece, it is together that makes their panels pop and assist in telling this mind boggling story. Panel to panel the colors were appropriate for the settings they were placed in and the story board was well designed. All in all a great fit.





As a whole, this event was amazing. It had me at the edge of my page, anxious for the next one to be release. And as you could guess when issue 9 had been delayed, that struck a nerve because I felt as though I needed closure to this all out war. I had also started reading a few titles in the All New All Different Marvel Universe so I wanted to gain understanding to what was going on. I also must point out how beautiful it was to see the shift in story development. In Hickman’s “New Avengers” there was a portion where the Illuminati are talking and they came to the conclusion that “Everything Dies,” which comes from them talking about the incursion events. Their actions after that lead to Secret Wars itself and ending Secret Wars with “Everything Lives.” The story development alone was beautifully wrapped in a big red bow, from beginning to end.
If you read Marvel’s Secret Wars, I would love to hear your favorite parts, panels or page turns that really spoke to you.
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