The 2016 Ultimate Oscars Guide

THE OSCARS® - Multi-hyphenate artist and filmmaker Chris Rock will return to host the Oscars® for a second time. The 88th Academy Awards® will be broadcast live on Oscar® Sunday, February 28, 2016, on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Andrew Eccles)

THE OSCARS® – Multi-hyphenate artist and filmmaker Chris Rock will return to host the Oscars® for a second time. The 88th Academy Awards® will be broadcast live on Oscar® Sunday, February 28, 2016, on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Andrew Eccles)

The 88th Academy Awards is upon us, and we here at That Geek Show have some things to say about them. You see, we love movies. So much so that we run a website based in a big part to them! So when the nominations came out, and the snubs were harped about, we decided it was high-time the people had an ultimate guide to this year’s nominees. So without further ado, I give you the most comprehensive guide to who we think will take home the little golden men February 28th in Hollywood.


The nominees:

Our choices:

Matt Gruman (Movie Editor): Leonardo DiCaprio

Jhovani Estrada (Creative Director)Leonardo DiCaprio

He did much better that the other nominees. He was pretty awesome in this film. Specially that bear fight.

Honorable Mentioned: Matt Damon

Jeffrey Lopez (TV Editor)Eddie Redmayne

How in the world, The Danish Girl, didn’t make it onto the nominations for Best Picture is beyond me, but Eddie Redmayne definetly deserves this award. His portrayal of, Einer Wegener, as she went through the ups and downs of her life was in my opinion a flawless presentation; I was simply captivated throughout the film. Also because we can’t let Leo get the award.

Katie Garren (Cosplayer/Video Host)Leonardo DiCaprio

Somebody give this man an Oscar! For months he filmed in the freezing snow and then went all out by eating raw bison liver during a scene. So not only does he truly commit to all his films, he gave a breathtaking performance and I believe he deserves this.

Conor Watkins (Comic Book Editor)Matt Damon

Dan Molinar (Video Games Editor)Leonardo DiCaprio

The Revenant is definitely a must see film and although it wasn’t one of his best films his performance was in my opinion perfect. Going along what he went through to make sure he fit his role he definitely finally earned his much deserved Oscar.

Erik Lucas (Editor in Chief)Bryan Cranston

Part of me wants to pick Leo just because his “just give him the damn Oscar” campaign is so strong this year, but I just can’t do it. He’ll be “screwed” again, this time by Bryan Cranston, who gave a compelling performance in a movie barely anyone saw. My second choice would be Fassbender playing the complicated role of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who captivated me in every scene despite the movie having some factual controversies.


The nominees:

Our picks:

Matt Gruman: Saoirse Ronan

Jhovani Estrada: Brie Larson

This wasn’t a very hard decision for me. Immediately after seeing this movie, I knew my vote was for Brie. Her chemistry with her counter part Jacob Tremblay was just mind blowing. She went through so many emotional barriers that at times I felt it was two different performances. One in the room and the other that takes place after the first hour.

Honorable mention: Jennifer Lawrence – Cause I have a crush on her.

Jeffrey Lopez: Brie Larson

From this list of nominees none are an automatic choice as I haven’t seen any yet. However, from what I’ve heard Brie Larson should take this title as well.

Katie Garren: Brie Larson

Brie Larson is my frontrunner for this year’s actress in a leading role as she should be for her heartbreaking performance that was real and emotionally breathtaking, end of story.

Conor Watkins: Jennifer Lawrence

Dan Molinar: Jennifer Lawrence

Erik Lucas: Brie Larson

I only saw two movies on this list, and out of those performances it’s not even close who the winner of this should be. Brie captivated me during the entire run of the emotional roller-coaster that is Room. The other was JLaw in Joy, and to be honest I’m not even sure why this movie has any sort of nomination. No, David O. Russell. Just no.


The nominees:

Our picks:

Matt Gruman: Sylvester Stallone

Jhovani Estrada: Tom Hardy

This category is very interesting to me. I believe that some of the nominations for this category did a better acting job than their leading actor. What do you think? Honestly, Tom Hardy blew me away in this film. I love Hardy as an actor, but his role in this film made me hate him so much; it allowed me to appreciate him more as an actor and his versatility.

Jeffrey Lopez: Tom Hardy

Another list of nominations I haven’t seen. Again, from what i’ve heard, The Revenant, is a pretty good film and Tom Hardy does an incredible job.

Katie Garren: Sylvester Stallone

This is probably Mr. Stallone’s last hoorah and I am in his corner all the way rooting for his chance at the golden man. The movie was great and his role was nostalgic and satisfying to watch.

Conor Watkins: Christian Bale

Dan Molinar: Christian Bale

Erik Lucas: Sylvester Stallone

Taking nothing away from the very deserving performances of Bale and Hardy, this category belongs to Sly this year. He showed a new range and depth for a character we’ve seen a fleshed-out a half-dozen times, and managed to still make audiences cheer for him, despite not taking the lead role in Creed.


The nominees:

Our picks:

Matt Gruman: Kate Winslet

Jhovani Estrada: Kate Winslet

Jeff Lopez: Alicia Vikander

It’s no surprise that my choice for this award would be Alicia Vikander. Not just because it’s the only film i’ve actually seen, but because along with, Eddie Redmayne, her role as Gerda Wegener was simply amazing.

Katie Garren: Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer’s performance was simply stunning. She sold her character Daisy Domergue in such a way that it made you want to buy every minute of it.

Conor Watkins: Kate Winslet

Dan Molinar: Alicia Vikander

Erik Lucas: Kate Winslet

Here’s how you know when an actress gets completely lost in a role and delivers an amazing performance: about half-way through watching Steve Jobs for the first time, I leaned over to my screening accomplice Matt and whispered, “Is that Kate Winslet? I just realized that’s Kate Winslet. Wow.” This goes to Winslet without a shadow of a doubt in my mind. And if not, it’ll be a tragedy.


The nominees:

Our picks:

Matt Gruman: Alejandro G. Iñárritu – The Revenant

Jhovani Estrada: Alejandro G. Iñárritu – The Revenant

This guy just makes art. Each film he makes has its own unique trait. From one long shot to shooting in natural light. This guy knows how to blow peoples mind. Film after Film. This is one of my favorite categories because I see myself competing for this award in the future. But I have to say that director Ridley Scott deserved a nomination for best director for the Martian. Maybe next year for your Prometheus Sequel.

Honorable mentioned: George Miller – A return to form. He did a fantastic job recreating a genre that was once king.

Katie Garren: Alejandro G. Iñárritu – The Revenant

Conor Watkins: Adam McKay – The Big Short

Dan Molinar: Alejandro G. Iñárritu – The Revenant

Erik Lucas: Lenny Abrahamsson – Room

Room was an incredible journey between a mother and her boy. That story was brought to life by Lenny Abrahamsson, who deftly directed the young Jacob Tremblay inside a seemingly claustrophobic set, and brought out an Oscar-worthy performance in Brie Larson. The Revenant  was pretty, but save that award for the cinematographer.


The nominees:

Our picks:

Jhovani Estrada: The Revenant

Ok Clearly there is a cinematographer that stand out above the rest. There is a clear winner for this category: The Revenant. This film is gorgeous. Shot in all natural light in extreme weather conditions. This film goes above and beyond when utilizing light. They had to invent a camera which could shoot under these conditions. This film is just eye candy.

Honorable mentioned: Sicario

Katie Garren: The Hateful Eight

Both films are fantastically shot in similar snowy terrain making it hard to pick a frontrunner. However, I would choose the hateful eight as this year’s winner because the shots seemed to line up just so perfectly with the actors and the set that the audience saw everything that in just one room and yet there was still so much mystery.

Honorable mention: The Revenant

Conor Watkins: Mad Max: Fury Road

Dan MolinarMad Max: Fury Road

Erik Lucas: The Revenant

I’m a person of my word, and if I concede one thing to The Revenant, it’s this award. This film is beautifully and masterfully filmed, with gorgeous “golden hour” shots and sweeping vistas. Mad Max and The Hateful Eight could have won handily any other year, but this year belongs to The Revenant.


The nominees:

Our picks:

Jhovani Estrada: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This one is very strange to me. Majority of the films listed in the nominations where praised because of their practical effect use. So its hard to make a choice which one implemented both a combination of visual and practical effects. But BB-8 was the best! Along side space battles, light saber fights, and wise big eyed alien who resembles yoda.

Honarable Mention: The Revenant: because of that nail biter of a bear fight.

Katie Garren: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Conor Watkins: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Dan Molinar: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Erik Lucas: Mad Max: Fury Road

A very close category for me. Both Star Wars and Mad Max used practical effects, which I personally think is awesome. Even though I loved The Force Awakens, the nod has to go to the crazy and insane stunts that were used in George Miller’s revitalization of Mad Max.


The nominees:

Our picks:

Jhovani Estrada: Inside Out

Honorable Mention: When Marnie Was There

Also P.S Anomalisa better not win. I hated this movie. But I will rant about it later.

Katie Garren: Inside Out

This movie went over well with viewers and basically has a secure position for the spot of best animated feature film. It is also the only film out of that list that I have seen.

Conor Watkins: Inside Out

Dan Molinar: Inside Out

Not only was this a very “emotional” and cute family film to see it was also a very in depth movie about childhood depression. Inside Out perfectly captured how one experiences life changing events and also making it such a family friendly film.

Erik Lucas: Inside Out

Enough good things can’t be said about the latest feel-good story from Disney/Pixar, no pun intended. Taking the journey of an emotional roller coaster with the protagonist and her confused emotions, mixed with some memorable and lovable characters, should be enough to give Inside Out the Oscar.


The nominees:

Our picks:

Matt Gruman: The Revenant

OVERAL SYNOPSIS: With Ridley Scott not even getting a Best Director nomination, it seems like it’s rather obvious that three of the six biggest wins of the night will go to The Revenant, with Leo finally getting the Oscar he has deserved so many times over. And Inarritu will be the first ever director to win both Best Director and Best Picture twice in a row! Sunday will be a night for making history!

Jhovani Estrada: The Martian

This is always one of the hardest awards for me to vote on and this year is no different. Fortunately, this year is a little different. We are seeing films that don’t normally get nominated, like Mad Max: Fury Road or the Martian. This award is always filled with films that your typical audience hasn’t seen. SO what do you think? What films would you like to see on the best picture nominee list?

The reason I chose The Martian is because it has a little bit of everything. It has Comedy, Drama, Action, and a great f*cking soundtrack. This film has something for everyone. It makes it an enjoyable film that you can watch over and over again. It’s not your typical pretentious art house film that normally wins. It’s a movie that is not normally seen on list like this. This is why I chose this film. I first got introduced to the book, which I loved. The film perfectly mimics the book and adds its own feel. Everything about this movie just screams awesome. It’s great seeing a film that is not your average movie out with the other nominated films. I’ll get into more details later after the awards.

Honorable Mention: Room – This was a close second. I was blown away with this film. I had not seen a trailer or knew it was a book prior. I stepped into this film with no expectations. After the first watch I immediately knew this was one of my favorite films of 2015.

2015 was a great year in cinema. I would like to see more films like Mad Max: Fury Road and The Martian go head to head with films like Room and the Revenant. Until next year. See ya at the movies.

Jeff Lopez: Room

The only movie i’ve actually seen from the nominations is Mad Max: Fury Road. However, I feel that in order to obtain the title of Best Picture the film should contain more than just gore and action. Although, that’s not the only thing Mad Max was about it was the majority of the film. I feel that from what i’ve heard, Room, should take the award.

Katie Garren: The Martian

I was enthralled by the cinematography and great written script. The movie was engaging and witty from takeoff to landing and that is why it should win this year’s Oscar.

Conor Watkins: The Martian

Dan Molinar: The Martian

I believe it will be a toss between The Martian and The Revenant, but with the latter having many slow moments I would feel it does put it at a disadvantage.

Erik Lucas: Room

Here’s the thing. My personal, and wishful, choice for this category is of course Mad Max. But Hollywood being as it is, that’s simply not going to happen. So then it comes down to two movies in my opinion: Room and The Revenant. I feels like I’ve shown my cards in this article on how I feel about both movies, so let me expound a bit here.

The Revenant is fine. It really is a good movie! It’s pretty, well-directed, and well-acted. But here’s the rub: it’s kinda bland. Generic revenge story led by Leo, who by the way is NOT at his best here, which ends on a mild note. Not something I would expect to win the best movie of the year. Room on the other hand is simply fantastic, in scope and story. From the simple, yet powerful nuances of the child actor, to Brie Larson’s dominating performance, this is a movie that is enthralling from start to finish. It’s the kind of movie that is supposed to win these big awards–because it simply deserves to.

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