The Top 7 Cosplays From Day 3 of Wondercon 2016


Wondercon 2016 seems like such a long time ago at this point. Nearly a week and a half has passed since the second-largest comic/pop-culture convention in California made it’s debut at the Los Angeles Convention Center, and I’m still reeling from all the crazy shenanigans that took place at the event. Though the penultimate greater Los Angeles area comic convention had it’s detractors and rabble-rousers, one element that still came through strong was the quality of cosplayers. As evidenced by our previous gallery post, this year’s Wondercon featured some rather awesome cosplays.

Since I was busy filming some cool features and interviews in other areas of the con, I didn’t have a ton of time to scour the entire landscape of the halls this year. So I set out with my little camera on Sunday, March 27th (the last day of the con–and Easter!) and started snapping us some pics. What I found in my limited time was, in my opinion, some epic cosplays. Take a look below at my picks for the best of Sunday’s offerings, and be sure to give us some feedback on what your favorites were at this year’s Wondercon!

Special thanks to the following cosplayers:

Harley Quinn –

Vault Girl –

Wonder Woman –

Professor Utonium –

Supergirl –

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