Cosmic Crusaders: The Ambitious Brainchild of Stan Lee and Fabian Nicieza Hits The Web


The much-advertised and anticipated adult web series Cosmic Crusaders has finally arrived, and can be viewed now on In the pilot episode titled, ‘They Came. They Saw. They Asked To Leave’ , Stan Lee rescues seven misfit aliens when they crash-land on Earth, and sees an opportunity to turn them into superheroes – while turning a profit! This really sets up the lighthearted mood of this series and highlights a truly great person, Stan Lee, who voices the self-portraid main character.

Stan Lee’s Cosmic Crusaders episode one aired Tuesday July 19, 2016, with the next four episodes being revealed on all four days of Comic-Con International, and a special VR screening at San Diego event. Cosmic Crusaders is co-produced with Genius Brands International, who brought on the co-creator of ‘Deadpool’, Fabian Nicieza, to write the series based off of Stan Lee’s concepts, thus creating this super series of short four-minute episodes that will be aired exclusively at

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The reason for the creation of this fun web series is the celebration of a pop culture icon passing a milestone. Celebrating 75 years of Stan lee in the comic book business, Cosmic Crusaders is a witty and imaginative story about what Stan might do if he actually came across super beings. The first answer would be to turn them into super heroes, with the costumes and the flashy gadgets. Then step three… profit!

That Geek Show got the pleasure of a short interview with the fabulous writer Fabian Nicieza, where he tells us a little bit about what it was like working as a writer on this project:

“It was an absolute pleasure getting to work with [Stan Lee]; he’s been doing this a very long time. When he pays attention to you, you’re in trouble as a writer because he is going to automatically find what you can do better and then he’s going to give you five different ways to fix it! And that’s the genius of Stan as a writer… there were at least seven or eight drafts of just the first episode. Stan was there every step of the way.”


Fabian goes on to explain that these short videos only scratch the surface of what these characters can do and eventually become, saying:

“ The characters can go in lots of different directions; I think that they work in animation but they can also work in live action too. The corkiness of their personality and interaction’s; it’s a Silicon Valley meets Archer in tone and style, just plugging superhero context into it”

This displays the style and tone that will be set for  the series as of this point, and will probably change and evolve as the Cosmic crusaders continue their dysfunctional quest going forward. I am looking forward to seeing more of this, and listening to Stan voice the character is a plus as well. To watch all four episodes that have been released, and for an exclusive Q&A with Stan Lee, check out


All images provided courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter and Genius Brands International


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