Movie Talk With Cosplayers at Long Beach Comic Con!


Our man-on-the-street Conor ventures into the halls of the Long Beach Convention Center to ask some intrepid questions about upcoming movies to the attending cosplayers. What ensues is some awesome, geeky, and hilarious conversations.

Special thanks to the cosplayers: (Falcon) (The Riddler) (poison Ivy) (Harley Quinn) (Starfire) (Hawkman)

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Interviewer: Conor Watkins:

Footage filmed and edited by Jhovani Estrada:

“That Geek Show” created by Erik Lucas and Jhovani Estrada

Erik Lucas
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Erik Lucas

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Erik has covered the gadget/tech world for more than 6 years, attending CES and other major industry events. More recently, he has covered the crazy world of pop-culture and comic-book life, attending almost every convention in the So-Cal area--even the little ones. He has an unhealthy obsession with collectibles, and an even unhealthier one with Netflix.
Erik Lucas
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