RWBY- A Quick Guide For Newbies

RWBY is a 3D animated web series created by animator and writer Monyreak “Monty” Oum who sadly passed away in 2015. Oum is also known for his work on the very popular web series Red Vs. Blue, for the internet production company known as Rooster Teeth. As of now, RWBY has three completed volumes and is currently on its fourth volume which began airing during the fall of 2016. Set in the fictional world of Remnant, the story follows a group of four girls: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long as they attend Beacon Academy where they train to become Huntresses.

In the beginning of the series, we are informed of the war that waged between mankind and the forces of darkness known as the creatures of Grimm. Mankind was able to fight back against these monsters by using a unique element called dust that powers their abilities and weapons, and those who use this ability are known as hunters and huntresses. We join our main cast of characters in the city of Vale as they attend one of four academies where these warriors are trained. However, the creatures of Grimm are not the only things to be feared in the world of Remnant.

As the series develops along into its latest volumes we learn more and more of the ultimate powers that brought light and darkness into the world. Cinder Fall, along with her powerful lackeys, Mercury and Emerald, is the main villain our group battles in the first three volumes. That is, until a more sinister force is revealed to be her “boss” at the end of the third volume.

Prior to the release of the very episode, Rooster Teeth released introductory trailers of the four main characters. The “Red” trailer for Ruby, the “White” trailer for Weiss, the “Black” trailer for Blake, and the “Yellow’ trailer for Yang. These trailers are intended to show off the characters and their fighting abilities.

Ruby Rose

Weiss Schnee

Blake Belladonna

Yang Xiao Long


Volume one of the series contains sixteen episodes while volumes two and three contain twelve episodes each. The fourth volume is currently on episode nine. The volumes are available to watch on the Roosterteeth website as well as on Youtube and Crunchyroll. Additionally, both volumes one and two are available to stream on Netflix.  


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