RWBY Vol. 1 Recap (Part 1)

Volume one of the series begins with an intro to the world of Remnant. A quick narration of the war between humans, and the Creatures of Grimm that sets up the world of hunters and huntresses. The first half of the volume is based on the introduction of our main characters and their arrival at Beacon Academy. It is here, that our team of four train to become huntresses using their unique weapons and abilities. Beacon, one of four academies, is set in the kingdom of Vale while the others are located in the kingdoms of Atlas, Vacuo, and Mistral. Although the other three are mentioned here and there, the first three volumes are set primarily in Vale.

Vacuo (West) Atlas (North) Vale (South) Mistral (East)

After the brief introduction of Remnant, we are introduced to our first two important characters, Ruby Rose and Roman Torchwick. Ruby, our main protagonist, is a 15-year-old girl currently attending Signal academy. Signal is a combat school where hunters and huntresses take their first steps in training before applying into one of the four main academies. Our first antagonist in the series is Roman; who is shown entering a dust shop where Ruby is currently in. Ruby is unaware of this, as she is listening to music through headphones in the back of the shop. It is not until Roman and his gang begin to steal dust from the shop that Ruby intervenes. This is only due to the fact that she is stopped from reading a magazine when one of the henchmen notices her.

What occurs next is our first fight sequence between Ruby and Roman’s lackeys. She wields a Scythe that can transform into a sniper rifle; a weapon that she crafted herself. Using this special weapon along with her semblance (ability) called, “speed”, she makes quick work of the gang and turns to confront Roman. He is quick to flee, however, and manages to avoid fighting her by climbing into an aircraft that was nearby. It is here that we are introduced to a couple more characters, Glinda Goodwitch and our main antagonist Cinder Fall.


After the battle, Ruby is questioned by Glinda only to be introduced to the headmaster of Beacon, Professor Ozpin. Impressed by the skill that Ruby displayed during the fight; Ozpin is curious as to where she learned to fight with a weapon like hers. After they exchange a couple of words about this Ruby states that she hopes to attend Beacon academy after she is through with Signal.  Although she has two years left at Signal, Ozpin decides to let Ruby attend Beacon academy ahead of time.  

This effectively puts her in the same incoming class as her older sister, Yang Xiao Long, who is also our second member of team RWBY and main protagonist. As they arrive at Beacon, Yang leaves Ruby behind as she joins a group of friends to catch up with. This leads to Ruby accidently knocking over the belongings of our third team member and protagonist, Weiss Schnee, because of this incident the girls start off on the wrong foot. It also brings us to our fourth and last protagonist, Blake Belladonna, as she notices the pair and approaches them.

After a short argument, Ruby is left alone for a short while before being joined by, Jaune Arc, who she had met earlier on in the aircraft that brought them to Beacon. They make their way over to an assembly of the new students being addressed by Professor Ozpin and are informed about their initiation process that will begin the next day. The next episode begins with the introduction of a couple more characters who later become integral to the RWBY storyline. Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie are seen getting ready on the morning of the initiation process.   It is revealed that through this process teams will be formed according to decisions made throughout the initiation. We are also introduced to, Pyrrha Nikos, an extremely talented student who is known for her amazing fighting skills.

In the hopes of becoming partners with a skilled fighter Weiss approaches Pyrrha and suggests the idea of joining ranks. However, things don’t quite work out the way that Weiss hopes for. At the start of the initiation, Professor Ozpin and Glynda inform the students that they will be launched into the Emerald Forest. Upon landing, the first person they make eye contact with will be their partner for the next four years. It just so happens that the first person Weiss meets is none other than Ruby who was searching for Yang. The other pairs that form are Yang and Blake, Ren and Nora, and Jaune who was saved by Pyrrah.

Their mission upon landing is to travel north in search of an abandoned temple where they are to collect a relic. As each pair make their own way towards the temple, they are faced with their own individual challenges. The forest is filled with Grimm, and although they are being monitored by the professors of the academy they are not to interfere effectively leaving them on their own. Having faced their own struggles, each pair eventually arrives at the temple minutes apart; not knowing that the relic they choose will determine their four-member teams. However, before they can make it back to the cliffs where they began the initiation they are faced with two giant grimms.

After their impressive bout against the grimm, the group’s return to the academy where they are sectioned off into their individual teams based on the chosen relics. Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos, and Lie Ren are gathered to form team J.N.P.R. (pronounced Juniper) after the four had chosen the white rook relic. It is also how Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are formed into team R.W.B.Y. (pronounced Ruby) after they had chosen the white knight relic. As the episode comes to a close we get a shot of Roman Torchwick as he looks over a map of the four kingdoms, and is later brought a case filled with dust crystals. This marks the first half of volume one, as we are introduced to our main characters and the villains they will come to face.


To Be Continued …

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