Our 9 Favorite Cosplays of Long Beach Comic Expo 2017

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A convention happened over the weekend of Feb 18-19, 2017 called Long Beach Comic Expo, and it was filled with more cosplay than you could shake a barbed-wire bat at. This being the first of many pop culture/comic book conventions (or cons, for you smarties out there) that will take place in Southern California this year, the cosplay community came out in full force with their dazzling displays.

Hundreds of talented costume designers, weekend hobbyists, closet cosplayers, and more came dressed to impress. Even with the tumultuous rain doing it’s best to scare away the average con-goer, these determined seamstresses and costume vigilantes brought out a cornucopia of surprises for the waiting masses. Scroll down to witness our favorite 9 from Sundays slate (in no particular order), and don’t forget to comment and share with your friends!


Cosplay: Victoria (@wonderwomanisreal) and Justin (@batcaveproductions)


Cosplay: Sara Moni (@saramonicosplay)


Cosplay: Pixy Di (@pixydi)


Cosplay: Blondeshell Cosplay (@blondeshellcosplay)


Cosplay: n/a


Cosplay: n/a


Cosplay: Tannis Poynter (@pinpoyntfx)


Robin. Cosplay: Jack (@galacticspidey)


Beast. Cosplay: n/a

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