Cosplay Showcase: Long Beach Comic Con 2017

Known for being a smaller, local convention, Long Beach Comic Con is always a favorite among the staff here at That Geek Show. This year was no exception, with the greater Los Angeles area cosplay community coming out in full force.

We had the pleasure of meeting some exceptional cosplayers and capturing their unique renditions of this years hottest pop-culture icons. Peruse our gallery, and please share this post if you enjoy the photos!

Krieger & Girlfriend

Dr. Krieger & Mitsuko Miyazumi, from Archer. Cosplayer: Jeff Knight (@rockusarollus)

Back to The future coslpay

Back to the Future. Cosplayer: Vicki L.Solano (@vicariousvicki_)

Indiana jones cosplay

Dr. Henry Jones & Indiana Jones. Cosplayer: Mickey Lee (@mlbukowski)

Joker and Harley cosplay

Joker/Batman & Haley Quinn. Cosplayer: @jtorres2716

Spineli cosplay

Ashley Spinelli from the show Recess. Cosplayer: Anuhea Reimann (@whitereflection17)

Mercy Overwatch cosplay

Mercy from Overwatch. Cosplayer: @frekkicosplay

Janine Melnitz cosplay

Janine Melnitz from The Real Ghostbusters animated show. Cosplayer: andie cardenas (@andieinreallife)

Petyr Baelish cosplay

Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger) from Game of Thrones. Cosplayer: Bernie Bregman (@thegeekgatsby)

Taskmaster cosplay

Taskmaster from Marvel Comics. Cosplayer: @hybridrealitiescosplay

Jedi Meg cosplay

Jedi Meg mashup from Hercules/Star Wars. Cospalyer: @teatraybat

Twin Peaks cosplay

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby & Shelly Johnson from Twin Peaks. Cosplayers: Patrick Carrico (@patrickcarrico) & Mary Grace (@nerdycreep)

Scarlett Spider cosplay

Scarlett Spider from Marvel Comics. Cosplayer: N/A

Pennywise cosplay

Georgie Denbrough w/ IT from Stephen King’s IT. Cosplayer: N/A

miss frizzle cosplay bill nye cosplay

Miss Frizzle and Bill Nye. Cosplayers: Denise (@denise_marie_cabral) and a Travis Baker (@musicalnotextr on twitter)

Dr Strange cosplay Newt Scamander cosplay

Dr. Strange and Newt Scamander. Cosplayers: Jake Korupp (@koruption_kosplay) and Conor Watkins (@gntlmnbowtie)

megatron cosplay optimus prime cosplay

Megatron & Optimus Prime. Cosplayers: @masterjedi1975 and @orion_ray78

rose wilson cosplay

Rose Wilson from DC Comics. Cosplayer: @misfitrosecosplay

yandu cosplay mary poppins cosplay

Yandu/Mary Poppins mashup. Cosplayer: @princessnatkins

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