Justice League Review: Fan Service Done Right

The DC cinematic universe has been quite the roller coaster and it’s hard to believe that the Justice League movie is finally here. With the recent success of Wonder Woman; it was going to be difficult for WB to create a successful follow up film. With that being said, Justice League is no Wonder Woman. The story is slightly inconsistent but it has enough strong characters to really set it apart from some of the earlier DC films.Overall, the Justice League movie is entertaining and fun but it has its faults. One of the faults in the film is its story. It’s very basic: bad guy rises, team unites and fights bad guy, the end. That is perfectly OK in my books. The reason why I don’t mind the clichéd storyline is because it feels like a DC animated movie. Justice League isn’t treating its audience like children. The film doesn’t show origins for all the new characters, it says “you know who the heroes are, we aren’t going to bother with that.” It works. If I remember correctly from all the footage that has been shown in Justice League trailers, they have shown scenes where they show some sort of backstory of the characters. We may see the scenes in an extended DVD version of the film but right now it is not necessary.The runtime for Justice League comes in at just under 2 hours. Zack Snyder is notorious for having lengthy movies. After Snyder left the film due to a family emergency, Joss Whedon was brought in to finish the film. Under Whedon’s review, the film underwent extensive reshoots and rewrites. When watching the film, it almost felt like 2 seperate movies. Snyder’s visuals with Whedon’s dialogue. This creates inconsistencies with the overall story. It feels like Snyder had an extended universe planned in this movie, with Steppenwolf and Darkseid. When Whedon came in he was like “Naw, we are just sticking with one villain and re shooting certain scenes so that it can flow properly”. I want to believe that Whedon came in and picked apart Snyders edit and scrapped chunks of the film out; creating the somewhat convoluted but somewhat coherent movie that is Justice League.As mentioned before, the film is entertaining and fun. One of the reason it’s enjoyable is all the characters have great moments. Ezra miller as the Flash steals all the comedic moments. Jason Momoa as Aqua Man also makes for some great comedy relief. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is still a badass. Cyborg, on the other hand, still needs a lot of work to be done. He was one of the weaker links of the film. His role felt like a stand in. His importance was to communicate with the mother boxes. Then there’s Ben Affleck as Batman. He is sort of useless to the team with the exception of providing transportation; the chauffeur of the Justice League who happens to be rich. One of the reasons why he doesn’t real help with combat in the film is that he is pitted against enemies that are far too strong for him. He comes off as weak compared to Wonder Woman and Aquaman who are worthy challengers to Steppenwolf. Even Batman’s intelligence and contingency plans are risky and don’t follow Batman’s normal characteristics.The chemistry of the team works really well. This movie is made for the fans. A wild ride filled with great action sequences, hilarious comedic moments, and a little bit of heart. There are many great moments that do not take away from the lack of story and sometimes horrendous CGI. If the movie isn’t enough to itch your DC fix, make sure to stay till the very end for some extra surprises.

Justice League – 7 out of 10

This post was edited for clarity by Michelle Noriega

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