Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! Review

Pokémon the movie: I choose you! had people of all ages flock to the theaters. From the 80’s and 90’s babies to their children, this movie has something to offer everyone. It was a perfect blend of nostalgic checkpoints with fresh voices, characters, and overall story.

The story begins in a very familiar way: Ash sleeps in and rushes over to professor Oak’s lab to claim a starter, but is instead gifted with an unusually stubborn Pikachu. Ash then sets out on his long journey to be a Pokémon master, and immediately watches a legendary Ho-Oh fly overhead dropping a rainbow feather and this sets our hero down a new path.

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Pikachu proves to be a bit more difficult than anticipated but, if you expected this movie to be about ash and Pikachu trying to get along they resolved this before the theme song. Speaking of the theme, the iconic song was worth mentioning. It is titled “Aim to Be a Pokémon Master” ( 20th Anniversary, by Rica Matsumoto) and the animation that played went with the music so well that the animation team deserves a round of applause.

Since their friendship was the only thing advertised after they bond, the story starts to diverge from the original. As to many peoples dismay Ash does not meet Misty or Brock, but instead meets Verity and Sorrel; they were there when Ash found Charmander in the rain and when he let his Butterfree go.

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My only complaint with this movie is that they pulled some things that were in my opinion not okay, but I let it go because it was awesome. For example, a Pokémon will never ever evolve in the middle of a battle. The entire evolution of ash’s Pokémon was them doing useless attacks that took no damage but they got an evolution boost just having laid eyes on Ash, which is true friendship. Also it was pretty evident in Ash’s behavior that he was in fact ten years old. For instance, when he would get frustrated he would take it out on his friends right after and then run away. Another thing that they pulled was having Pikachu speak. Yes! Pikachu said actual words in English… or well rather Ash could actually understand what Pikachu said to him, and completely blew my mind.

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Theaters ran the special movie November 5-6 and then the 11th and14th. The times were limited so don’t worry if you missed this; you can always look forward to a special DVD release. Those that were able to make it were gifted with a special Ash hat pikachu trading card, as well as a code to download Ash hat pikachu for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra moon which come out Nov.17th.

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I really enjoyed watching this movie; the animation was clear, the music was perfect, and it was a good time all around. Team Rocket was definitely my favorite part of the show because the team was exactly how I remembered them. Team Rockets Jessie and James were fabulous and whimsical, always bringing a lighthearted but evil undertone. The bond between Pikachu and Ash felt stronger than ever, specifically the scenes where Ash puts pikachu’s well being over his own. The end of the film also gave a special shout-out to the original characters Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, and the friends he met after in other regions. The end credits left me feeling like they were not forgotten and it left the audience feeling reminiscent. Thank you to Fathom Entertainment for the special theatrical release in the states.

RATING: 8 out of 10.

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