Netflix’s Bright Review

Review by guest writer Nancy Castellanos, @nanchichi4ever

In a gritty, modern day Los Angeles where humans have co-existed with Elves, Orcs, and other assorted creatures for centuries, trouble is never far away. Officer Daryl Ward (Will Smith) is set to retire in five years. He worries about what the future while riding with his less experienced partner, an Orc named Nick Jakoby (Joel Edgerton ). Jakoby is hated by his own people who see him as a traitor since police and Orcs do not get along.

After being sidelined due to an injury, Ward has to return to the field with a partner he is not crazy about while his co-workers make fun of his partner.  Cruising through violent neighborhoods, Ward must keep his cool as he is forced to overlook Jakoby’s rookie mistakes. Officer Nick feels bad that no one takes him seriously and this is the only thing he ever wanted to be. Being the first Orc in the LAPD makes it harder for him. Before long, the two cops become the unexpected custodians of a young Elf named Tikka (Lucy Fry) who is in possession of a rare magic wand. Only a Bright, a specially trained expert with supernatural abilities, may wield the wand safety. The power is nearly limitless and in the wrong hands could easily prove deadly.

In all honesty I was not sure what to expect of this movie other than the fact that this movie is set in the future and features many magical creatures. I love Will Smith and his movies and I liked this one. It kept me hooked to my seat, along with everyone else.  The story has the usual good cop/bad cop and cops choosing who to be good to. Our heroes spend the night trying to avoid the wand falling in the wrong hands. Specifically, those of the evil Elf who seeks to resuscitate the dark one. It’s a very interesting movie and it looks like there is a sequel in the works. The film gives a twist at the end that you do not want to miss. Fans of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo you will love Noomi Rapace as Leilah, the film’s resident bad ass. BTW this is an R movie that has nudity and cold-blooded killing. It is not suited for kids.

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