The Best Comic Book Movies of 2017

As 2017 comes to an end, we thought we’d take a look back at the comic book-based movies that hit the big screen. Like all of the lists we do, this will be subjective to the thoughts and feelings of our staff here at That Geek Show. So as we bid adieu to the year of the rooster, let’s see which movies became instant classics, or terrible garbage fodder.

9. Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets

Based on the French science fiction comic series, Valerian and Laureline, the Luc Besson sci-fi thriller just didn’t quite live up to the expectations of fans. The CG and motion capture was below-par, and the film suffered from some glaring narratives issues. In the end, the sheer kinetic energy and visual thrills were not enough to connect with audiences around the globe. Better luck next time Besson.

– Erik Lucas

8. Justice League

Uniting the League proved to be a much more daunting task than originally thought. Suffering from multiple re-shoots and edits, and never really securing a narrative that was cohesive for the final cut, JL fell flat for a lot of DC fans. While there were a vocal group that seemed to enjoy the movie, the numbers tell the truth: Justice League was a disappointment. I personally enjoyed the movie for what is was, a frankenstein-thrill ride full of all of the DC characters I’d been waiting to see in live action format. However, I can admit that there were too many flaws to make this a widely well-received addition to the DCEU (are we still calling it that?). Hopefully with Aquaman and Flashpoint up next, Warner Bros. and DC will redeem themselves yet again.

– Erik Lucas

7. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

It’s always hard to do a sequel. Especially one that captures the fun and imaginative spirit of Kingsman: The Secret Service. while I personally enjoyed this foray back into the world of the Kingsman, many thought it was too long, too violent, too silly-too everything. Overall it is unfocused, unrestrained and lacking a control that prevents it (finale aside) from reaching the heights of its predecessor – but it is still a fun ride.

– Erik Lucas

6. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

Relying heavily on an era of great music, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 is a family-oriented, high-action thrill ride from beginning to end. Catching up with Marvel’s intergalactic band of misfits and outlaws, we find them between jobs when outside circumstances force them to separate their pack in search of answers. This fast paced thrill ride simultaneously touched our hearts, as each Guardian faced their individual family challenges that caused  introspective assortments to find their place in their new family. A fantastic story riddled with complex characters and galactic impacts to the Marvel cinematic universe.

– Conor Watkins

5. The Lego Batman Movie

Yes this made our list–it is in fact a comic book movie. Getting semantics out of the way, can we talk about how brilliant this adaptation of the the Batman lore and history is? Basically, it’s a standard-issue Batman narrative – arguably better than 50 per cent of history’s other Batman films – that just happens to take place in a Lego-fied world. It expertly makes quick satire of Batman’s world and tropes, even down to his ridiculous villain catalogue. A little dark, a little unusual, but ultimately the Lego Batman Movie is a fun and satisfying time at the movies.

– Erik Lucas

4. Spider-Man Homecoming

This character means so much to me personally, that I had butterflies in my stomach when I sat down to see it. Scarred by the previous two attempts, I wasn’t ready to be disappointed by my favorite Marvel hero again. Obviously I had nothing to worry about. Spider-Man Homecoming is one of the best Spider-Man films ever made; it’s right up there with Spider-Man 2… it may even surpass it. Everything the original creators of the character had envisioned was finally translated to the big screen, and it just worked. What makes this version better than its predecessors is that director Jon Watts never forgets that Peter is still a kid, despite having great powers. Spider-Man: Homecoming breathes new life into the MCU, and I can’t wait for the wall-crawlers next adventure.

– Erik Lucas

3. Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok is a fantastically hilarious movie; if not possibly the greatest Marvel movie to date. A struggling trilogy that has had a hard time finding its footing. After three installments, Thor Ragnarok has found its home. A great mix of comedy, action, and heart. Ragnarok introduces new characters that are welcomed in future installments. It also add new dimensions to previous characters. Taika Waititi has created a wonderfully new immersive world for Thor. Shame it took two previous films.

– Jhovani Estrada

2. Wonder Woman

After the struggles of Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad, audiences were left to wonder at the fate of some of these beloved characters and of the DC film franchises they were meant to helm. However, the DCEU was saved by an iconic character known for bravery, kindness, and compassion as well as some serious strength and general bad-assery. Wonder Woman put to rest the argument that no one would watch a female led super hero movie and has paved the way for other female superheroes to get the same attention and respect as their male counterparts. Gal Gadot turned in a sincere and compelling performance as Diana Prince, an Amazonian demigod destined to protect the innocent. Unlike other heroes she is not driven by vengeance, fear, prophecy, or guilt; Wonder Woman is driven by her own moral compass and ideology. Much like the titular character crossing no man’s land, Wonder Woman crosses difficult terrain and does so under the guidance of director Patty Jenkins whose love for the character shines through. Wonder Woman gave women a character to admire, love, and share with a whole new generation of young girls who need to see a character like Diana Prince.

– Michelle Noriega

1. Logan

Taking inspiration from the Old Man Logan and X-23 comic story lines, Logan tells the story of a down and out Wolverine in a semi-dystopian future as he road trips across the country with Charles Xavier and Laura, a child who escaped government testing. As they are on the run, Logan must come to grips with his past, his current place in society, and his ultimate destiny. It’s violent, it’s fun and highly emotional. And quite possibly one of the best comic book movies ever made!

– Matt Gruman

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